MaleGenix FAQ

What Results Should I Expect?

MaleGenix is the best comprehensive male enhancement solution which provides the user with multiple benefits in just one pill. You should expect to see a tremendous improvement in your energy levels, sex drive, sexual stamina, and of course penis size. MaleGenix is able to deliver in all of these areas due to its revolutionary B.A.S.E. formula, providing the user with almost immediate results, and for the long term. Consistent use of MaleGenix on a daily basis will allow the user to perform better in all aspects of sex, and greatly enhance their sex lives overall.

How Much Growth Will I See?

Results are going to vary from individual to individual due to other contributing factors such as age, genetics and lifestyle choices we make which can also influence the growth process. On average MaleGenix users saw an average rate of growth of 3 inches over the course of a 3 month period, seeing the first results after just a 3-4 week period. Users who take MaleGenix on a regular basis and consistently saw the best results among all those who were surveyed.

How Long Before I See Results?

MaleGenix's formula goes to work almost immediately, as soon as the ingredients are digested and synthesized by the user's body. This usually occurs within only 30-60 minutes after consumption, allows the user to benefit from an increased sex drive, greater sexual stamina, and larger erections in just this short period of time. Users also reported an increase in penis size from taking MaleGenix as early as 3 weeks.

How Do I Get the Best Results from MaleGenix?

The way that you will see the best results is to follow the directions as per instructed, and to make sure that you are taking MaleGenix on a consistent basis. This means that you should be taking MaleGenix every day for at least a period of 3 months to allow the penis to grow to its maximum size.

Does MaleGenix Work?

MaleGenix is already an established brand in the male enhancement industry, one that its customers can rely on to provide a superior product and at a reasonable price. MaleGenix has some of the best reported results according to its clinical trials than any other male enhancement supplement currently on the market, which naturally leads to other companies selling counterfeit MaleGenix products.

How Do You Know if Your MaleGenix is Legitimate?

The only way you can be 100% certain in that you are getting an authentic product is to buy directly from the manufacturers themselves, at their official website. New counterfeit MaleGenix operations are popping up each and every day, making it extremely difficult to get all of these fake products out of circulation.

Is the Shipping Process Safe?

MaleGenix greatly values the privacy of its customers and thus shipping with discretion in mind is the highest priority. You can rest assured that you and you alone will be the only person who knows what is coming in your package,.

Does MaleGenix Come With a Money Back Guarantee?

MaleGenix offers their customers a 100% money-back guarantee which demonstrates how much they believe in their product and its ability to provide the user with both immediate and long lasting results. The vast majority of customer feedback is extremely positive so far, but if you aren't satisfied with the product you can always return it back within 90 days for a full refund.

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